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Since 2008, Berks Opera Company has been connecting the Berks County region with the power of opera and the positive impact of the arts on our local community by advancing the development of young singers and by cultivating astute, appreciative, and adventurous audiences.

Berks Opera Company recently received a grant from the Arthur Judson Foundation for the Spring 2022 production " These Valleys and Mountains: Berks Legends".

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Production photography by John Robert Pankratz

Berks Opera is heartbroken to report that our long-time friend and colleague, pianist Caleb Flick, lost his life in a car accident Friday night, July 22, 2022 near Harrisburg, PA, while returning home from New York.

For over 10 years, he collaborated with Berks Opera on many events and with many of our singers.  He was a superb accompanist – he could sight-read anything.  All of our artists and staff loved working with him.

Caleb earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Lebanon Valley College with a concentration in piano. He then pursued extensive private studies following graduation.  Most recently he was selected as one of 11 pianists internationally to receive a scholarship to attend and perform through the winter piano academy Feuerwerk Einbeck based in northern Germany.

He taught at Dickinson College, and performed as a soloist, accompanist, and chamber musician throughout the region, on the East Coast, and in Germany, France, and Lithuania. He also served as Principal Keyboardist of the Reading Pops and Reading Symphony Orchestra.

He was also a successful church organist and worked in the insurance industry.

In addition, Celeb had a fine, strong tenor voice and was a connoisseur of opera, opera singers and the art of singing.  Many of us shared happy moments discussing singers and their art with him. 

Caleb has left a mother and sister.  We will miss him terribly.

Photo credit: John Pankratz

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These Valleys and Mountains: Berks Legends
WORLD PREMIERE • Friday, June 17th, 2022
Miller Center for the Arts
Reading Area Community College, Reading, PA

Mountain Mary left a legacy of loving spirituality and profound healing.  Matthias Schaumbacher left the opposite: a legend of greed and violence. How have the seeds planted in the stories of these two people, who lived such different lives, grown in this place we call home?  

A new opera by Chris Heslop, with libretto by Vicki Haller Graff, and direction by Joel Richard Gori.